Camp Staff

Camp Staff

Mindy Niles, Camp Director
Executive Director, Encore Community Music Association
Director of Bands, Encore Academy

Andrew Spang, Camp Band Director
Director of Bands, Folly Quarter Middle School
Encore Community Orchestra Director

Bill Rose, Camp Orchestra Director
Orchestra Director, Centennial Lane Elementary School

Laura Baker, Camp Chorus Director
Instrumental Music Director, Ilchester Elementary School

Jamie Brown, Conducting Instructor
Instrumental Music Director, Northwest Middle School

Mike Hirsh, Percussion Instructor
Retired Instrumental Music Director, North Carroll Middle School

Katie Hunt, Strings Instructor
Orchestra Director, Bonnie Branch Middle School

Brian Thompson, Brass Instructor
Instrumental Music Director, Westminster Elementary School

Brian Welker, Percussion Instructor
Instrumental Music Director, Howard High School

Courtney White, Woodwind/Brass Instructor
Former Director of Bands, Thomas Viaduct Middle School

Sara Norris Workman, Strings/Musical Theatre Instructor
Instrumental Music Director, Century High School

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